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Group Registration
This information is for NGOs, community groups or businesses who which to be part of Hong Kong Pride Parade 2012.

Group entries should fit into one of the following categories:
[1] LGBT groups of individuals, friends and/or family.
[2] LGBT community organisations.
[3] Non-commercial organisations with a history of support for the LGBT communities and wishing to express that support by participating in the march. [4] Commercial business, which are either LGBT owned or operated, or which have demonstrated commitment and support for LGBT communities.

Sale of Merchandise
No selling of merchandise prior to the march or on route.

You can register by filling out, and returning the form. Please return your form to by midnight (HKT) Wednesday 31 October 2012.

請於2012年10月31日(星期三)香港時間午夜12時前回覆 please return by midnight (HKT) Wed. 31 October 2012.
團體或公司名稱 Name of Organisation or Business:  
隊伍名稱(如有不同) Name of Entry (if different from above):  
聯絡人名稱 Contact Name:  
電話 Phone:  
手提 Mobile:  
電郵 Email:  
網址 Website:  
Number of people in group (estimate):
☐ 2-10
☐ 11-20
☐ 21-30
☐ 31-40
☐ over 40
Please write a short description about your organisation or business for publicity:
請簡介你的隊伍特色 (如衣著、主題、訊息、類型、道具等)
Please describe your entry (eg: cloth, theme, message, style, props, etc ):
Are you using music or loudspeaker?
☐ 是Yes
☐ 否No
Do you have pets? If yes, what are they?




捐款 Donation:
恆生銀行 Hang Seng Bank
Collected by Women Coaliton of HKSAR)